Tournament Prep Camp

CAMP DETAILS:            

Who: Full day option only,  Intermediate and  Advanced students only .    

What : Chess Camp

When: August 7-9, Mon-  Wed., 9am-4pm.  

Where: Boulder Country  Day School at  4820  Nautilus Ct N, Boulder, CO  80301      

Price: $225 for new and  recurring members    

 Registration: Online  Registration only


Additional Camp Details:

Chess Camp will run from August 7th-9th, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day at Boulder County Day Private School located at 4820 Nautilus Ct N, Boulder, CO 80301.  Participants should bring their own lunches, snacks, beverages, chess sets, and chess clocks.  Food will not be provided.  Lunch break is 12-1 each day, and we will have multiple snack breaks throughout the day.

Participants will be divided into groups of similar ability.  Each group will follow a different curriculum suited to the skill level of its members.  Student to staff ratio averages 8:1.  Though there will not be an ongoing tournament, we will have many other activities and potential prizes that your campers may earn.  Due to the advanced nature of the content, this camp will be available to INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED PLAYERS ONLY (Bishops' group through Kings' group).  Topics will include:

  • Repertoire Selection: Which openings should you learn that fit your playing style?  Should you learn the aggressive King's Gambit or the more concrete Ruy Lopez?
  • Predicting your Opponent's Plan:  How can you understand and defuse your opponent's plan?  How can you determine whose plan takes precedence, yours or your opponents?
  • Computer Chess:  What is the history of computers and chess?  What was it like when Garry Kasparov was defeated by IBM's Deep Blue?  What are the free chess programs that we can download today and how do they compare to their predecessors?  
  • Online Chess Resources:  Which websites can improve my tournament play?  On which websites can I play with other kids across the world?  Is there a website where I can practice my tactics and endgames?
  • Thinking Techniques:  How can we more effectively solve tactical problems?  Is there an algorithm (a series of steps) that I can follow to solve any tactical problem?
  • Tournament Practice: We will practice G30 matches (ie. when each player has 30 minutes to play).
  • Chess Clocks:  How do you set all the different chess clocks?  Clock setting competition included!
Because this is an experimental camp and the first we've offered in August, we must meet the minimum number of students for this camp to commence.  All participants will be informed by Saturday night, August 5th, if the camp is a go or no go.


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Please explain any special circumstances pertaining to the participant's health or well being that we should know about. Any conditions not disclosed in this application cannot be accommodated. Boulder County Chess School (BCCS) Chess Camp will make reasonable effort to accommodate the needs of each child. However, special arrangements must be finalizled three weeks before camp starts. No medications of any kind will be given to campers without written parental permission.
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August Camp: August 7-9, 2017 *
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I grant permission for my child to participate in the Boulder County Chess School (BCCS) Chess Camp. There is no guarantee or warranty that any participant will be at any specific skill level when he/she completes the camp. I understand that the enrollment fee is non-refundable even if the child does not wholly or partially participate in the camp due to a change of plans, sickness, or if the child leaves early due to disruptive behavior as decided by the BCCS staff. All participants are to abide by all rules and regulations. There is to be full cooperation with the supervisory and volunteer personnel. Any violation or unfulfilling of behavior standards will result in that individual being sent home at his/her and/or parent's expense. Each participant in the camp is responsible for his/her own safety. In case of accident or illness, the camp is authorized to secure emergency medical treatment. No medications of any kind (prescription or over-the-counter) will be given orally to campers without written parental permission. Boulder County Chess School is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal articles. I authorize BCCS to use the name of, any photographs, slides, or videotapes of the participant named on this application for promotional purposes. I agree to indemnify and hold the Boulder County Chess School, LLC and its instructors and supervisors as well as other camp participants and their families harmless from any liability for loss, injury death, cost, or expense (including attorney's fees, medical and ambulance costs) that may incur as a result of my child participating in the camp. This release of liability specifically includes losses, injuries, death, costs or expenses that occur as the result negligence. I further agree to hold the instructors, supervisors, any agents and/or employees of BCCS as well as other camp participants and their families, harmless, and indemnify them generally and specifically, from all such liability. I also agree to pay for any property damages charged to the camp that may result from my child's actions. I understand that I will return at 4:00 p.m. (full day) or 12 p.m. (morning only) each day to pick up my child. Agents, instructors supervisors and/or individual or individuals picking up said child at the termination of each day.


Payment Form:

1. Check on first day of camp

2. PayPal (Credit Card option within PayPal)           

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